campervan rental South America

Campervan Hire South America

Budget campervan rental in Chile

Wicked campers is available in Chile and Argentina for backpackers wanting to see more of South America.

We have conquered South America, so now you can come anytime you want. Hire one of our campervans or 4WD and make an unforgetable trip through Chile and Argentina!! Drive from the mistic Atacama Desert to the eight natural wonder: The amazing towers of rock and ice called Torres del Paine. In between, visit incredible beaches to surf, go to ski in the biggest ski slopes of Southamerica or drink the best wines Chile has to offer, pratice adventure sports or sleep under the pristine skies of San Pedro de Atacama or the Elqui Valley. There’s a lot to do, a lot to drive through and only one option: Wicked Campers!!

Chile and Argentina are for everyone!!!

Here at Wicked Campers we know life’s too short to not live the real adventure!! Come on this side of the planet and realize there where always a unique space waiting for you. Drive through Chile and Argentina with us, rent a Campervan or a 4WD and enjoy nature rafting crazy rivers, snowboarding the slopes of a volcano, climbing in the middle of nowere or hiking the most amazing corners of this freakin’ cool land!

You want crazy parties? There are. You want to be alone, far away with nobody bothering? You got it. You want the best campervans and an amazing experience? Then go Wicked!

Rent one of our campervans for the same price as renting a car!! We are the only ones that can say “sexy” and “cheap” with absolutely no shame!! Rent one of our 2,3,5 & 6 seater Campervans or 4WD vehicles and travel from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia! Travel back and forth to Chile and Argentina the Wicked Way – Less Rules, More Fun! We definitly have the cheaper price! compare and see it by yourself, because on Wicked Campers we want you to live the experience!! come and try our 4 & 5 seater 4WD vehicles! Or our Sexy Campervans! All the vehicles are always under a very strict maintenance program, we also provide 24 hours road assitance on all our packages.


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